• "By far the biggest benefit from my point of view is having the ability to talk with and compare ourselves with like-minded practices on a continuous basis. We do this by attending the annual One-Day Conference and the autumn round of Regional Meetings and indeed on a daily basis through the members "blog" SCDialogue."
    David Samuel – Eyesite

  • "The regional meetings give me and my staff access to a suite of top class presentations. I feel the main benefit to them is hearing about new concepts and ideas from people outside their organisation rather than simply hearing it from the 'boss'."
  • Niall O’Kane
  • "Paul and the team are an invaluable source of support for the independent practice. Paul allows time for consultation regarding any business and marketing issues. He shares his wide experience on many topics. The on-line discussion forum from Sight Care is an excellent way of sharing information to the benefit of our customers and business."
  • Tony Plastow
  • "My staff have always sung the praises of the trainers on every Sight Care course they have attended - which is essential in an industry where there are few qualifications to ensure recognition for all our staff for their achievements. I cannot think of a nicer, more efficient and dedicated team than those at Sight Care - always a pleasure to deal with!"
  • Liz - Oakwood Eyecare
  • "I would commend membership of Sight Care to ALL independent practices as a viable means of not only building their own practices, but of combating the relentless big-business approach of the larger multiples. Sight Care is unique in its aims and aspirations and deserves the support of every single independent practitioner."
  • Keith Holland

2017 One Day Conference




2017 Sight Care
Business & Networking Conference for Independents


Hilton Birmingham Metropole

Sunday 26th February & Monday 27th 2017   



A big thank you to all who attended this years conference in Birmingham. The new interactive format with masterclasses and workshops was a great success with everyone and our special thanks to our members, supporting partners and guest speakers who participated.

Conference Video   

Included below are links to presentations on the Monday 27th February . 



 Tim Coe  (Slide Presentation)

"5 proven sales secrets every optician should be utilising in 2017 to ensure a stream of new & repeat business" 

  Part 1

  Part 2  

 Philip Calvert (Slide Presentations) 

"How to find new customers on LinkedIn: 30 proven tips"  

"People Buy Peaple - But will they buy you ? "  

 Pim Foster (Slide Presentation)
"Dutch independent Opticians are not alone"

 Geoff Ramm & Nigel Risner (Slide Presentation)
"Creating the Perfect Day for Independent Opticians through better F.O.C.U.S"

Opticommerce (Slide Presentation)
"The digital Practice - 7 killer online strategies that will grow your business"

"Stepping up to thje demands of today's contact lens wearers"

If you would like to leave any feedback regarding this years conference we would be delighted to hear from you: email info@sightcare.co.uk 


Conference Passport competition Winner & Runner up

Congratulations to:  

Winner of the Amazon Echo : Rachel Ireson - Alex Gage Opticians

Runner Up M&S Vouchers : RhonaPead - Carpenters Opticians