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Who is Your Target Market?

Wednesday 6th December 2023 6pm-7pm

Presented by:

Garry Kousoulou – Loving Social Media
David Mack – SightCare Coach

In this session, we’ll discuss the importance of knowing your target audience. We’ll explore the critical elements of identifying your customer avatars, where to find them, and implementing strategies to boost conversions.

  1. Customer Avatars: The heart of your strategy

    Gaining a better understanding of your target audience, enabling you to tailor your marketing efforts more effectively.

  2. Where to Find Them: Navigating the Digital Landscape

    Identify the most fruitful channels and platforms to reach and engage with your audience.

  3. Strategies for converting leads into Customers.

Don’t miss out on this invaluable opportunity to fine-tune your marketing efforts!

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