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Why business owners should be prepared for sale or exit

Wednesday 24th April 2024 6pm-7pm

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Presented by:
Simon Morris – Business Consultant at Invest in Business

In this webinar, business consultant Simon Morris will highlight the common misconception that business ownership is forever, and the reasons why business owners, whether for retirement or funding new ventures, might consider an exit strategy. The webinar will include real-life case studies of businesses that have benefited from being sale ready. If you’re ready to make some big decisions about your business future and want clarity of exactly what your next move should be, then this webinar is for you.

During the webinar Simon will cover :
The high cost of unpreparedness:
• Showcasing statistics on the lower valuations received by unprepared businesses.
• Potential deal-breakers for buyers arising from lack of preparation.

Benefits of being sale-ready:
• Increased valuation: a well-organised and documented business with strong financials and a clear transition plan adds value attracting a higher price.
• Smoother Transition: preparation ensures a streamlined handover process minimizing disruption to the business and employees.
• Stronger Negotiating Position: preparation enables the owner to negotiate from a position of strength, potentially securing better terms.

Key Areas of Preparation:
• Financial Health: the importance of clean, well-maintained records, the need for strong profitability and understanding of the business’s financial position.
• Operational Efficiency: the importance of having documented processes and systems in place and the need for a strong, reliable management team.
• Customer Reliance: diversifying the customer base to reduce risk and increase attractiveness to buyers.

All registrants for this wenbinar will be offered the opportunity of a free
audit of their sales strategy, systems and marketing strategy via a
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