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Training Workshops

Delegate cancellations made less than 15 days before the workshop date will still be charged the full fee.

Why we need spectacles: An introduction to optics

This workshop is aimed at optical assistants and support staff who are new to the world of optics and want to be more confident in understanding the basics, such as refractive conditions, how the eye works and optical prescriptions.

Whether new to optics or just wanting a refresher, this workshop is aimed at ensuring you are confident and knowledgeable when interacting with patients and answering the common questions in practice.

Course Dates

Bristol Tuesday 18th February  2020
Glasgow Monday 2nd March 2020
Manchester Monday 20th April  2020
Birmingham Thursday 14th May 2020
Belfast Monday 18th May 2020
London June  2020
Bristol June 2020
Belfast July 2020
Manchester October 2020
Birmingham December 2020

Customer Service Excellence and Effective Communication

Develop your customer service skills to wow your clients, leading to higher sales, loyalty, and recommendations.  Good communication with a positive attitude is essential to every business and all members of the practice team. This one-day workshop covers many aspects of communication and customer service; such as body language, active listening, what the key aspects of excellent customer service are.  The day also covers how to handle the situation when things do not go as planned and you had a dissatisfied client to please.

Course Dates

Belfast Monday 13th January 2020
Glasgow Tuesday 3rd March 2020
Birmingham Monday 16th March 2020
Manchester  Tuesday 21st April 2020
Bristol Wednesday 22nd April 2020
Bristol June 2020
Belfast July 2020
London September 2020

Frame Fitting, Adjustments and Repairs

How confident are you at assessing the fit of a frame, adjusting a patients’s frame when in front of them or carrying out common frame repairs?  Gain confidence in all these tasks by attending this one-day workshop.

The day covers both the theory of frames, materials and fitting complemented with hands-on practical sessions to hone the skills and confidence to perform adjustments, whether during the collection process or if they have returned to practice later.

Course Dates

Belfast Tuesday 14th January 2020
Manchester Tuesday 4th February 2020
Birmingham Tuesday 17th March 2020
London  Tuesday 31st March 2020
Glasgow  Tuesday 12th May 2020
Bristol Thursday 28th May 2020
London  June 2020
Birmingham December 2020

Frame Styling and Recommendation

Do you want to help your clients and delight them when it comes to selecting new eyewear?

This one-day workshop will give you the skills to make your clients feel like they are receiving the VIP treatment of an expert frame styling service that they will remember.  You will be able to identify different client types and guide them to eyewear that compliments them, their personality, face, shape, colour and facial features.  This will lead to more frame sales, less reglazes and better client recommendations of your practice.

Course Dates

Manchester Monday 3rd February 2020
Bristol Monday 17th February 2020
London Monday 30th March 2020
Glasgow Monday 11th May 2020
Belfast Tuesday 19th May 2020
Birmingham Thursday 21st May 2020
London September 2020
Manchester October 2020

Bespoke Training

Bespoke Training

Any subject, delivered when and where you want it to maximise team performance and increase profits!

SightCare’s bespoke training approach is to offer you precisely what is right for your business, tailored to individual and specific needs; delivered when and quite literally where you want it. 

We can offer a wide range of topics from improved communication techniques through to specific management issues ensuring that the day is suitable for all employees at all levels. SightCare’s Bespoke Training has proved very popular over the last few years, with practices finding it very useful to have such focused attention on areas of importance to them. Either pick and mix from our existing courses or let us design a day for you.

Online Training Modules

Distance Learning – Online Staff Training Modules

This new modular distance learning course is available in partnership with  Insight Optical Training at a specially negotiated rate of  £120 exc vat, per module, for SightCare members. After completing 3 modules, the cost reduces to £85 per module. This new course is ideal for optical support who do not have a registerable qualification with the General Optical Council, whether you work in retail optics, manufacturing, sales or technical support. This course would suit you if you have recently joined the optical world, as there is no experience needed; or if you have been working in a practice for some time and would like to expand your optical knowledge.


This is a distance learning programme which is suitable for all optical support staff. There are ten modules for you to choose from. You can choose as many modules as you wish and do them in any order and at any time.  Each module is detailed below and includes a recommendation as to which role it would best suit.

There are no formal examinations, you will just submit an assignment for each module you complete and your tutor will mark it, and to achieve a completion certificate you will need to achieve 70%.

This is a flexible way to learn, with no travelling, no books to buy, no exams to sit, no formal timetable so you can fit it around your work and life schedule.  Study as little or as much as you wish.