SightCare’s Practice Team of the Year Award winners

A huge congratulations to Brownbills Optometrists who won the Practice Team of the Year Award at the recent SightCare Conference.

Brownbills Optometrists demonstrated they are committed to providing personalised and attentive service, taking the time to understand each patient’s needs and concerns while offering tailored solutions and recommendations. Their collaboration and teamwork are integral to their approach, with team members supporting and complementing each other’s strengths to deliver comprehensive and seamless care.

We spoke to them about their achievement:

How did you/your team feel when your practice was announced as the winner?

We were absolutely thrilled and so very proud of all our team, even more so given the high standard of the other nominees.  Our team work hard daily, always going above and beyond for every patient, and so to have this acknowledged through the award and at a National Conference too was fantastic. It has boosted everyone’s confidence and inspired the team to continue to be ambitious and provide the highest level of patient care.

What was the stand out features that you believe helped you win your award?

We truly are a tight knit team, both in and outside of the workplace, and it is this that sets us apart. Each individual brings their own skillset and specialist knowledge to their role at the Practice, and we work as a team to ensure the best level of care for each patient who walks through our doors. We also continually support our staff in their career development, and actively encourage them to pursue new training, celebrating each and every achievement!

Does this win make you want to be more ambitious about your practice and if so how?

Definitely! Having our hard work recognised and celebrated only spurs the team on more. We know there is so much more that the Practice can achieve, and importantly, that we can continue to do to ensure we provide the highest level of clinical care for our patients. We have lots of plans in the pipeline, including relaunching our Dry Eye Clinic, growing the team, and developing our partnership work with the local community, in particular with GPs and Schools. We are also going to develop the Practice’s sustainability policy and focus on reducing our environmental impact too.

What future plans can be expected from you in terms of your team development?

Our team’s development truly is at the heart of our Practice’s ethos. We will continue to encourage staff to attend conferences and undertake courses to further their clinical knowledge, as well as to explore new suppliers and products. We’ve got some team building on the agenda too, with a career development focus, to support our team members in developing their own careers as well as their contributions within the business. Plus, of course, there will be some fun socials on the agenda too!

How will you share your award success with your patients, community and staff?

We’ve shared our award success in multiple ways… Firstly through our social media platforms, where it’s also been wonderful to see our patient’s responding and congratulating us. We also shared the award win with local businesses through the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce and our Director, Dr Huw Pinney, will be appearing on local radio in April. And last but certainly not least, we have the award on prime display in the reception area of the practice – in full view to everyone who comes in to see us!

Brownbills Optometrists

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