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Welcome and Keynote Speaker: Penny Power “Business is Personal…especially in the Digital Age”




Breakout Session 1

Please choose one of the following 7 sesssions


Binocular Vision in School and Sport
Speaker: Geraint Griffiths


The way the two eyes work together affects every thing we do. This workshop explains the principles of binocular vision in a new and logical way. It demonstrates how these principles apply to School and reading difficulties as well as sporting performance. Delegates will get hands on experience of diagnostic and analytical tests.

Don’t just change, change for better!
In partnership with Stepper
Speaker: Peter Reeve and Alex Davis

The purpose of this session is to consider your approach to change, where to find change and how to filter out the changes that suit you, your business and your customers. By viewing change positively and working with it  you will be able to gain a competitive advantage for your business and add value to your customer proposition.

Do we all need a boost?
In partnership with Essilor
Facilitator: Andy Hepworth 
A peer discussion comprising on 4 tasks exploring the need for enhanced single vision lenses. It comprises of 2 case studies, a discussion on different manufacturer options available and a discussion on what these lens types claim to resolve.
Aftercare – the missed opportunity
In partnership with CooperVision 
Speaker: Pauline Bradford

This discussion workshop will explore pre-prepared cases of patients attending for aftercare or eye examination. Each case highlights a different problem with communication or record keeping that can lead to misunderstanding, complications or patient contact wear drop out. You will discuss how the communication and record keeping could be improved for each case.

60 minute Challenge: Better Together
Facilitator: Simon Burgess


60 minutes of fun and exciting team activities to challenge your problem solving, creative thinking, time management and communication skills, as well as getting you thinking about the role you take in your team and what you can learn from others. Will your team be the first to beat the clock?

Why social media is not enough
In partnership with Opticommerce
Speakers: Chris Mantle and Nathan Potts
Social media is a great way to build connections and communications with patients and potential customers! However, in the complex landscape of digital marketing, is it enough on its own? In this workshop you will be taken through the buying journey of a typical customer and explore the multiple touchpoints and channels, both on and offline, that interact to lead to a purchase decision.
Creating Change
Speaker: Penny Power

There is no doubt that the online world is causing some winners and some losers. The High Street is under attack. Penny will discuss three elements of business that she believes strongly in: Community, Digital Skills and how to maintain mental fitness. In Penny’s workshop Penny will encourage people to understand who they are, their vulnerabilities and concerns and share insights to how to engage closely with the local community.


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Keynote Speaker 2: Alan Giles “The Changing Consumer”


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Breakout session 2 – please select one of the following 7 sessions


Speaker: Ruth Perrott

Behavioral Optometry can change lives!  80% of brain function involves vision and there is far more to seeing than acuity and fields. Find out how balance. posture and multi sensory integration can improve the vision system in a holistic way to guide and lead. BABO will explain how Neuro optometry can address this and is fascinating way to extend the service you offer

How smart is a smart lens?
In partnership with Hoya
Speaker: Andy Sanders

Are the technologies that manufacturers highlight all just smoke and mirrors or do they give tangible benefits? This interactive workshop seeks to explore the views of practitioners on various technologies and examines if accommodative support lenses should be the designs of choice for our student patients. The final discussion explores current ophthalmic lens options for Myopia control and the evidence around these intervention strategies.

One pair does it all….doesn’t it?
In partnership with Essilor
Facilitator: Andy Hepworth & Charlotte Timbury
A discussion workshop comprising of several activities and case studies. As well as looking at the impact of glare and UV, it will also look at the differing benefits the end wearer can enjoy through using several different pairs of spectacles, focusing on how to avoid the “one pair fixes all” mindset of both practitioner and patient.
Understanding DEWSII approach to Dry Eye Disease Identification
In partnership with Alcon 
Speaker: Jonathon Bench

This peer discussion will use DEWSII report and defined process for identifying and managing dry eye disease as the framework for the discussion and will look at the process up to the point of stage 1 management, use of education and non-prescription approaches. Discussion will cover: Difference from DEWSI to DEWSII; Screening questionnaires; Diagnostic Homeostasis markers and classification and management.

Should have gone to Specsavers? I think not….
Faciliator: Alan Giles

The optical sector has some very large, aggressive chains. How can independents not just survive but prosper against such professionally run, well capitalised competition? What techniques can you use to protect and even build gross margins in this more competitive world?

How to conquer change
Speaker: Gavin Rebello
Whether you are an owner who wants to implement change or whether you’re a team member that struggles with change either at work or in life, there are a number of reasons change is hard. Whether you want to break a bad habit or struggle to keep your New Year resolutions this workshop will help.  You will leave with a clear understanding of why it’s hard and what to do about it.
Will social media make or break our practice?
Speaker: Garry Kousoulou

Three-quarters of consumers report that social media directly influences their buying behaviour but social media only works if you have an audience. Social media guru Garry will engage all members of the practice team through his top 10 ways of bringing new patients to your practice while better engaging with current ones. He will help your team identify the fine line between displaying your independent identity while maintaining your professionalism.


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Keynote Speaker: Linda Moir “Powering Change: Delivering a unique customer experience through people”

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