Whether you’re an ardent athlete or just adventure-ready, these sports wraps are an essential in your arsenal for Spring/Summer 24.

Brand new for this season, both of these active-ready designs use a curved shield, providing extra protection from wind, dust and the sun’s UV rays.  Mist-resisting, they also ensure vision isn’t compromised, even while you’re performing at your peak.

Making a statement, there are 2 striking designs; one sleekly minimalist, the other with sporty angular detailing.  Both models come in 4 saturated  mirrored colour options; red, gold, and blue, and a silver, which is polarized.

The two models benefit from O’NEILL patented technology which set them apart in terms of their performance;

HYDROFREAK TM LENSES offer exceptional high-quality optics with 5 distinct features ZEROFORM TM FRAME MATERIAL performance material is impact resistant, lightweight and flexible

PSYCHOTECH TM CONTACT ZONES rubber offers a sweat-resistant dry grip

• Boost performance
• Reducing glare
• Enhanced Visual clarity
• Polycarbonate lenses
• Hydro-oleophobic coating
• Anti-glare on back side
• Super strong
• Ultra light
• Extra resilient
• Frameless design
• 99%+ UVA & UVB protection (UV400)
• Lens category 3 (Suitable for driving)

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