SightCare’s Sustainable Practice of the Year Award winners

A huge congratulations to Jonathan Partridge Optometrists who won the Sustainable Practice of the Year Award at the recent SightCare Conference.

Jonathan Partridge Optometrists economically demonstrated that their sustainable practices can lead to cost savings over time while attracting environmentally conscious customers who prioritise ethical products and services. They showed a sustainable optical practice not only reducing its environmental footprint but also building a reputation as a responsible and forward-thinking business in the eyes of its patients and customers.

We spoke to them about their achievement:

How did you/your team feel when your practice was announced as the winner?

The team and I were absolutely delighted to have won such a prestigious award. We hadn’t expected to win as the other bids were very good, but its lovely to be recognised by an independent, professional source for our achievements.

What was the stand out features that you believe helped you win your award?

We had won the Optometry Wales award for this category and as we were the only practice to achieve the Gold Standard in 2023 I would imagine this was a contributing factor.

Does this win make you want to be more ambitious about your practice and if so how?

I am always ambitious for our practice, I want us to offer the very best eyecare service in our area and as such we must always be striving to improve. We can never rest on our previous achievements and that is where being a member of the Sightcare community helps. They are always flagging up ideas, suggestions and topics and helping us to keep looking forward.

What future plans can be expected from you in terms of your team development?

So our team is highly qualified every member has professionally accredited qualifications and we will continue to encourage staff to complete further courses so that we can stay ahead.

How will you share your award success with your patients, community and staff?

We have promoted our success in the SightCare awards and the Optometry Wales awards via our social media accounts, Facebook and Instagram, the local newspaper, The County Times has written an editorial column with pictures and we are promoting it on the Sightcare Newsletter where we always personalise the front page. We will have copies of the newsletter in the practice and copies are sent out with each of our first time reminders.
We also have an item on our website with pictures promoting our success.

Jonathan Partridge Optometrists 

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