SightCare’s Marketing Excellence Award Winners

A huge congratulations to Feltham Eyecare Centre who won the Marketing Excellence Award at the recent SightCare Conference.

Feltham Eyecare Centre’s marketing activities involved a good understanding of its target audience, it was creative and used cost-effective strategies to achieve its objectives. They demonstrated creativity and originality in its marketing efforts, with eye-catching visuals, compelling messaging, and engaging storytelling that capture attention and foster brand recognition. Additionally, the practice prioritises customer feedback and satisfaction, incorporating testimonials, reviews, and user-generated content into its marketing materials to build trust and credibility.

We asked Feltham Eyecare about their win:

How did you/your team feel when your practice was announced as the winner?

Winning the SightCare award for marketing excellence has left us feeling shocked, elated, and humbled. The announcement caught us off guard, and the win was unexpected given the tough competition. Seeing the high quality of the other participants, I didn’t anticipate our victory. Being selected by SightCare, known for setting high marketing standards, made the moment even more prideful.

What was the standout features that you believe helped you win your award?

Our success can be attributed to the personalised approach we took in promoting Myopia Management. From images and videos to the landing page and booklet, our comprehensive process, including measurement and testing, set us apart.

Does this win make you want to be more ambitious about your practice and if so how?

Winning this award motivates us to strive for excellence. It serves as a catalyst to elevate our offerings and showcase a higher level of service to our patients.

What future plans can be expected from you in terms of your team development?

Our focus remains on Myopia Management, with ongoing improvements to our marketing campaign. We’re dedicated to promoting advancements, including low-level red light therapy.

How will you share your award success with your patients, community, and staff?

We plan to share our success widely, utilising social media, displaying the award in our practice, and featuring signage. Our media assets, recalls, and patient communications will proudly highlight our status as a SightCare award-winning practice. Additionally, we’ll share images of our team with the award, send out newsletters, and prepare a blog to keep everyone informed.

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