SightCare’s Community Practice of the Year

A huge congratulations to Simpson Optometrists who won the Community Practice of the Year at the recent SightCare Conference.

Simpson Optometrists thrives on its deep-rooted connection with the local community by actively engaging in community activities. Additionally, it fosters strong relationships with local organisations, businesses, and schools, collaborating on initiatives that promote eye health and overall well-being. The practice demonstrated it’s commitment to social responsibility, community engagement, and accessibility and that it is a trusted and beloved fixture in the neighbourhoods it serves.

We spoke to them about their achievement:

How did you/your team feel when your practice was announced as the winner?

We were absolutely delighted to be announced winner!!!! As a team we feel really proud and motivated by this win.

What was the stand out features that you believe helped you win your award?

From the other practices nominated, everyone seems to try to go the extra mile for their patients so I think the reason we won is because of our engagement with the local community and our passion to ensure we have a thriving local area.

Does this win make you want to be more ambitious about your practice and if so how?

Yes it has made us more ambitious! We will continue to engage with our community but also plan to work on our green credentials and frame styling so we can be an all round great practice and aim to win practice of the year by the time we celebrate out 50th anniversary in 2028!!

What future plans can be expected from you in terms of your team development?

We have shared our success on Facebook and this post has been way more successful than anything we have posted before we reached more than 6000 people almost 60 times more than the average Facebook post!

How will you share your award success with your patients, community and staff?

Our award is in the window as part of a valentines display! Everyone has been talking about it either when they call or come in. It has really lifted everyone’s spirits and creates a buzz and we now know our community value what we do and is 100% behind us!!

Simpson optometrists receiving their award

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