• "Powerpoints were very useful as it kept me focused. The booklets are great; we can take them home and refer back to them any time we like"
  • Receptionist
    Smith and Schwarz Opticians
  • "Natural, easy progression through the content; it was not rushed and the workbooks are clear and easy to follow"
  • Receptionist 
    Wilson, Wilson and Hancock
  • "The course has really improved my knowledge of adjustments and varifocals. I also now have a better understanding of which frames to choose for certain face shapes"
  • Optical Assistant
    Simon Goldsmith
  • "Very informative in a relaxed atmosphere which provided new and inventive ideas"
  • Optometric Assistant 
    Andrea Lee
  • "Inspirational advice, very enthusiastic presentation and a very enjoyable day"
  • Practice Manager
    D W Roberts
  • "Clear, to the point, informative, fun and easily understood"
  • Receptionist
    TCO Atkinson
  • "It proved to be very enlightening as I had hoped it would. I took back many good ideas which will change our purchasing techniques and our way of merchandising"
  • Dispensing Optician
    Walker and Campbell
  • "Very useful and has given me a different way of looking at management"
  • Practice Manager

Contact Details

Training Consultant
Simon Burgess
Email: training@sightcare.co.uk
Tel: 07900 585 865


The provision of continuous education and training is at the heart of all successful organisations. Sight Care is committed to helping its members recruit, train, manage and motivate the very best practice teams that are fundamental to delivering excellence in patient care. Our one-day training modules span all the key elements that practice staff need to know in dealing with the public and they are available across the UK.

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